I keep replaying scenarios over and over trying to understand what I could have done to stop this entanglement from taking place, to undo the fallout of this. Whatever this was. Perfectly suspended by wiry thin lines of diverted glances and double entendres, but we should have known that sparks are not without consequence. Sparks,…

Black don’t crack

It seems you missed the warning
in the black girl guide – ‘Handle with care’

Ode to the immigrant child

As I was getting a frozen drink from a Hispanic lady by a park in Santa Barbara,  I began to ask questions about flavours and prices. Hearing the interaction her little boy, no much older than 5 years old, peered out of the van next to the stall and asks his mum if she needed help…


To blurry nights With cotton skies In a city full of life My feet have walked This ancient city tracing its boundaries Reimagining its tales Both old and new I’ve drunk the orange ale consumed the nips and tatties yet I know that only the surface has been scratched. Until the next time Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Barbican Young Reviewer

Bear with me as I revert to my natural form of self-expression, it has been a while since I last wrote a blog post, but given the momentous end of my time as a young barbican reviewer I thought I would dust off my metaphorical notebook and pen, and let you know what I thought…


Am I happy? I ask myself on days like this, when the internet is down and I have no appetite to indulge in another literary escapade. When it’s just me and my thoughts when I’m engulfed in my solitude. I re-assess my life.

Missed chance

Tall and demanding our eyes lock a vision of acknowledgment but no words exchanged nothing but a missed chance. He’s back for more eyes warm to mine an inquisitive glint mutual acknowledgment, but silence reigns once more. -to the tall, dark, and handsome man at Canary Wharf Waitrose


The storms are raging but with one word I’m safe, away away from the chaos engulfed in your peace confident that with you the waters are stilled Jesus -Calmer of storms bringer of peace-

The one

I remember it as clear as day, we had gathered at Bills in Sheffield for a friends birthday brunch. I was just looking forward to hanging with the girls. When the menu arrived I was torn between pancakes with an assortment of seasonal fruit or Eggs Benedict. The promise of the perfect Eggs Benedict twisted…

Fighting the roots

Let’s talk about hair. Let’s analyse, diagnose and remedy hair. Not just any hair though, black hair. Something too long thought of as a curse, a disease of sorts to be remedied. By the heat of the hot comb or the burning inferno of the relaxer, left a few minutes too long to guarantee that…